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Sony Playstation 3

Out of the box, the new Sony Playstation 3 will have the ability to hold up to seven Bluetooth Playstation controllers, which is capable of holding up for nearly one day before these Bluetooth controllers require charging. Recently, images of these Bluetooth controllers were released, with the characteristics shape remembrant of a boomerang. The Sony Playstation 3 will also have six slots of USB for peripherals: two in the back and four up front. As rumored, Sony Playstation 3 will also have Wi-Fi connectivity to the Portable Sony Playstation (PSP), which can be used as a controller and/or a remote screen.

The inventor of Eye Toy, Dr. Richard Marx, was close at hand to present the Sony Playstation 3's wireless HD IP Camera. Moreover, the demonstration recalled gossips that the game console will have the Minority Report style motion sensing abilities. Dr. Richard Marx held two objects in his hands, which moved the objects on the screen in real time.

To boast the graphical brawn of the Sony Playstation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment showed several game demonstrations, including the Unreal 3 engine to show-off of what would appear in the upcoming 2007 Unreal Tournament. As a relief for game developer, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games was in the scene to vouch for the Sony Playstation 3, proving its motto, which is "easy to program for". As a result, Epic Games had received its first Sony Playstation 3 hardware two months ago. Tim Sweeney proved the technical demonstrations were real-time by demonstrating it again and by controlling the camera before zooming in.

Sony Computer Entertainment also showed off with numerous technical demonstrations. One of the demonstrations was a next-generation remake of the famous "duck demonstration" first shown when the previous Playstation 2 launched. However, as an alternative of one duck in the bathtub, the demonstration showed a complete flock of ducks milling about and some toy battleships. Another demonstration showed foliage growing and grass while another showed the famous Gran Turismo cars racing along with Spiderman swinging above these cars. Speaking of Spiderman, another demonstration showed highly comprehensive renders of Dr. Octopus as Alfred Molina recreated from the blockbuster film Spider-Man 2.

However, words of Tim Sweeney were only the beginning. Soon after, Sony Computer Entertainment trotted out entire host of game publishers that are supporting the Sony Playstation 3. Plus, in the process, Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed a number of games for the Sony Playstation 3. Hideo Kojima of Konami introduced Metal Gear Solid 4, Capcom with its Devil May Cry 4, Namco revealed its new Tekken 6, the famous Polyphony Digital boasted its new version of Gran Turismo, Sony Computer Entertainment showed off its next Killzone, while Rockstar Games showed its latest Western title.

Larry Probst, the president of Electronic Arts was also around to show off a demo of their next Fight Night boxing game series, which will most probably be known as Fight Night Round 3. Whenever one of the two boxers took a blow, the damaged boxer's skin rippled realistically. Mean while, Kudo Tsonoda from Chicago Electronic Arts studio said that their main objective is to create the facial animation so precisely as to express the quantity of punishment a boxer has suffered. More games come after that. Sony Computer Entertainment had three games on display which were Getaway, Motor Storm, and Heavenly Sword.


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